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11 October 2021

Biscuit burnout.

by Syd Briscoe

nabs: “Cracker” - 2 mins 47s

Ad industry burnout is the target of this mini-musical from Canadian charity nabs, who present a stressed-out worker with support from an unexpected source. A singing and dancing cracker may not be the most traditional route to realising you're over-worked and near breaking point, but it certainly gets the message across in eye-catching fashion.

Director Edward Andrews ensures the film is a truly theatrical effort, complete with a laptop light show and a kick-line of crackers in sparkly hats. Pointed lyrics about substance abuse and physical issues related to stress will also hit home with many viewers, as will a triumphant "fuck you!" directed at the protagonist's boss. A timely reminder to take a step back after the past eighteen months of stress.

Cinematographer: Barry Parrell

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