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23 November 2020


by Syd Briscoe

Zebra Katz: “Moor” - 3 mins 24s

Zebra Katz has been hailed as a crossover hit-in-waiting ever since 2012's 'Ima Read' melded the low-fi rap scene and drag ball culture into something new and exciting. Now it seems the opportune moment for Katz to hit the mainstream has finally arrived, heralded by this sleek promo for 'Moor'.

The film sees Katz haunt an abandoned hotel in sensual fashion, pursued by a doppelganger with more mischief than murder on his mind. Both sides of Katz are made manifest here, as he embodies the hard-talking hip-hop artist and experimental queercore performer with lithe fluidity.

Director Zanete Skarule has made the most of an intriguing artist here, using atmospheric lighting and unique shot composition to enhance Katz's creative enigma. The outcome is as aesthetically pleasing as it is attention-grabbing, and is bound to swell Katz's listenership far beyond genre aficionados.

Director: Zanete Skarule
Cinematographer: Jurgis Kmins

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