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21 September 2020

Father and Son

by Syd Briscoe

Yusuf/Cat Stevens: “Father and Son 2020” - 4 mins

Cat Stevens gets meta with this re-working of classic track 'Father and Son', in which he swaps out his original vocals (when playing the father) for his now authentically-aged voice. It's a poignant choice, allowing the listener to hear a man reflecting on both his past and present self - the son with the desire to rush off and build a future, and the father urging caution.

The accompanying promo from director Chris Hopewell renders such reflection admirably. Tactile animation carries the narrative well, including subtle references to a wider story that attentive viewers will appreciate. There are also lovely nods to Stevens's career throughout, including a live-action cameo on the television - closing the loop in neat, emotional fashion.

Cinematographer: Jon Davey
Art Department: Jonathan Minto / Harry Louie Jenkins

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