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20 July 2020

You're Covid-ially invited.

by Syd Briscoe

Walt Disney World: “Welcome Home” - 30s

The Magic Kingdom, the Happiest Place on Earth... or a virus-spreading petri-dish. Whatever you like to call it, the House of Mouse are eager to welcome guests back following their temporary closure due to Covid-19. As case spikes at some of their locations show, celebration may be premature.

Statistical concerns aside, it's hard to watch this forcibly cheerful commercial without feeling like we're living in a sci-fi dystopia. Masked and gloved employees chirpily welcome guests home to a triumphant soundtrack, as though there's nowhere they'd rather be than risking their lives to line the pockets of a media giant. Think 'Westworld', but child-friendly.

Concerns about economic recovery versus population safety are rife the world over, but pretending it's anything less than patently unsafe to go to a theme park right now is stupidly optimistic at best, and utterly uncaring at worst. No amount of robotic, joyful staff can counteract the depths of human stupidity, after all.

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