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6 January 2022

Monster Munch

by Syd Briscoe

Veganuary: “Bigfoot” - 60s

The annual Veganuary challenge takes on a more pressing tone this year following dire warnings about the planet delivered at COP26, but you wouldn't know it from this charming animated commercial. Instead, director Claire Grey and co. take a whimsical approach to giving up meat for a month.

Quirky character design draws viewers into the narrative from the start, as a turquoise sasquatch finds connection and meaning in doing his bit for the planet. Befriending a rabbit who can show him the ropes of a plant-based lifestyle helps, of course.

Creating an upbeat vibe is a smart move, as many watching will be feeling burnt out by doomsday predictions and earnest pleas for change. The situation is as concerning as ever, but avoiding empathy fatigue is crucial to keeping things moving in the right direction... and a cheery bigfoot and pals feels like just the ticket here.

Director: Claire Grey ♀
Character Design: Maria Samaniego
Voiceover: James Cromwell

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