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11 June 2020

Liquid persuasion.

by Andrew MacGregor

VanMoof: “Reflections” - 45s

Dutch e-bike makers VanMoof would love to see every gas-guzzling car become a pile of metallic goo. One will suffice for now though, and the brand certainly make a spectacle of it. Made by London-based creative studio Builders Club, the ad shows the worst of traffic congestion, overcrowding, and air pollution Ďmeltí away.

Itís enough to make petrolheads wince, but the sports carís transformation into a liquefied mass is deeply compelling. Ditto the sound design, as steel, aluminium, glass, and rubber etc., buckle under pressure. What emerges is the advertised electric bike, and the hope is that a new generation of eco-conscious commuters go with the flow.

Music Supervisor: Jonathan Watts @ Adelphoi Ⓟ Ⓦ

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