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23 August 2021

Welcome to Coral Island

by Andrew MacGregor

The Coral: “Welcome to Coral Island” - 26 mins

The Coralís tenth album, 'Coral Island', features narration by Ian Murray - grandfather of band members James and Ian Skelly. Murray's piquant talk of hallucinations made in amusement arcades and "broken jukeboxes sat idle in dusty backrooms" is scattered throughout this promo-cum-short film, which features acoustic versions of several album tracks.

Shot in a black-and-white patchwork of modern and archive footage, the piece welcomes viewers to the LP's fictional seaside resort (Murray, like a carny caught between worlds, even asks how long they wish to stay). Twenty-six minutes may be a push for some, but the group's musicianship and commitment to worldbuilding are laudable

Director: Ian Skelly / Kevin Power
Producer: Ian Skelly / Kevin Power
Editor: Dominic Foster
Location: West Kirby Arts Centre, West Kirby

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