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20 October 2021


by Andrew MacGregor

Stromae: “Santé” - 3 mins 26s

A viral instructional video shows how to ward off the daily grind in this promo for Stromae's 'Santé (Health)'. Restaurant staff, call centre workers, and fishermen all embrace the video's informative joie de vivre, supplemented by live-action shots of Stromae himself. As Johnny Cash once sang, "A jumpy rhythm makes you feel so fine."

A game ensemble cast sell the concept, with some winning facial expressions and competent dance moves throughout. Furthermore, Jara Moravec's promo serves as a welcome ode to workplace camaraderie, which - thanks to staff shortages and Covid-19 restrictions - has been stretched over the last eighteen-plus months.

Film Production: Hamlet Ⓦ
Director: Jara Moravec Ⓦ (Kode Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Producer: Pim Verhaert
Executive Producer: Jason Felstead / Ruben Goots
Cinematographer: Filip Marek
Choreography: Marion Motin

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