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10 January 2022

Are you still there?

by Andrew MacGregor

Short Films: “The Sands Between” - 4 mins 21s

This engaging short film reunites 'Dark Phoenix' co-stars Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy over a telephone line. Unlike the ignominious conclusion to the mainline X-Men films, this is a far more grounded and focused affair, albeit with a foreseeable twist.

Chastain and McAvoy play a couple thousands of miles apart, with the former's character ensconced on top of a sand dune. Despite her abrupt departure, she promises to return and pick up where they left off. But it soon becomes clear that her partner knows something she doesn't.

Since you don't have to wait long for it, we won’t spoil the reveal.

It treads familiar territory, but Chastain and McAvoy's well-calibrated performances and a late VFX flourish keep viewers onside.

Director: Aidan Tanner
Producer: Arianna Anderson
Cinematographer: Aidan Tanner
Editor: Simone Smith ♀
Written By: Stefan Vucic

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