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7 October 2021

Sibling security.

by Syd Briscoe

Short Films: “Safekeeping” - 10 mins 53s

This poignant short film from director David Yorke explores sibling love under dire circumstances. The piece's near eleven-minute slow burn ramps up to a highly effective bait and switch, with the audience only offered scraps of clues that all is not as it seems before the final reveal.

A fantastic central performance from an older sister (Jodie Price) trying desperately to keep it together in front of her little brother draws the audience in from the start, making it impossible to look away as things unravel. The pair cut lonely figures on their trip to a field that holds fond memories, which makes it all the more devastating when the purpose of their trip becomes apparent.

We won't spoil the reveal, but enthralled viewers may find themselves immediately re-starting the film to see what details they missed along the way. It's an intriguing look at how assumptions can blind us to the reality of a situation, and a clever self-contained drama to boot.

Director: David Yorke
Producer: Phil Beastall / David Yorke
Cinematographer: Phil Beastall
Actor: Jodie Price (Jessica) / Charlie Price (Charlie) / Bobbie Pidgeon

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