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6 January 2022

Fight for this love.

by Andrew MacGregor

Short Films: “David” - 11 mins 40s

Zach Woods - the director of last year's excellent short film 'Bud' - presents this intriguing comedy-drama about psychiatrist Paul (Will Ferrell) and his suicidal patient, David (William Jackson Harper). As the pair discuss Davidís fragile state of mind, a knock on the window takes the appointment in an unexpected direction.

The interloper is Paul's son (also called David) - a leotard-clad ball of adolescent rage on the verge of his biggest ever wrestling bout... even though he only started a year ago. He wants Paul to act like a father for once, with patient-in-more-ways-than-one David caught in the middle.

This leads to a lively, well acted three-hander which combines brains, brawn, and blood, with Ferrell particularly effective as a man slipping off the moral high ground. It's also another strong calling card for Woods, who doubtless has a feature debut on his radar.

Cinematographer: Andre Lascaris

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