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10 August 2020

Lady Death

by Andrew MacGregor

Ruby Black: “Lady Death” - 3 mins 30s

This Ruby Black promo offers an extra-bloody twist on the femme fatale trope. While 'soul-grime' artist Black lures an aging biker to his doom, a J-horror assassin - all warpaint and disturbing physical contortions - hunts for her target upstairs. However, only Black seems to be in control of her macabre surroundings.

Kerry Ditchfield’s choreography is both seductive and hostile, while director James Lawes enjoys flitting between the hunters and the hunted. Progressive gorehounds will also appreciate the male character’s demise - after all, anyone who strokes a gun like a horny teenager (or an N.R.A. member) deserves a bloody send-off.

Film Production: Odelay Films Ⓦ
Director: James Lawes
Producer: Denise Moreno
Cinematographer: Matt Glen
Choreography: Kerry Ditchfield
Grade: Big Buoy Ⓟ Ⓦ

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