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18 December 2020

Pressing issues.

by Jason Stone

Reporters Without Borders: “Reality” - 1 min 52s

Four bleak scenarios remind the viewer of the importance of journalism in this film from Birth Production's Vincent Rodella. Each is captured compellingly thanks to a hyper-stylisation which demands your attention even if you want to turn away.

Journalism itself has been under attack like never before in recent years. In Russia, Vladimir Putin thinks nothing of murdering journalists who are critical of his regime. The outgoing US President made his dissent from truthfulness a key part of his appeal to the uneducated masses, and sought to discredit the media whenever they highlighted this. And, in the UK, journalists have been reluctant to challenge Boris Johnson's emerging kleptocracy for fear of being excluded from the inner circle.

Despite the heroism required to defy the likes of Putin, Trump and Johnson, journalists willing to do so are often associated with unscrupulous colleagues who spend their time publishing tittle-tattle about the famous or harassing the families of the bereaved, and the profession as a whole could hardly have a lower standing.

A film like this reminds us that that is travesty, and that journalism is a vital component of a functioning democracy.

Film Production: Birth Production
Director: Vincent Rodella
Producer: Tristan Beraud
Production Ass'nt: Louis Pata-Lavigne
Executive Producer: Tristan Beraud / Arthur Emorine / Yohan Ungar
1st AD: Juliane Aufort
2nd AD: Alexia Lobut
Director's Agent: Agent Elson Ⓟ Ⓦ
Cinematographer: Nico Poulsson
Production Designer: Pierre Pel
Art Department: Nadir Gherbi / Charlotte Brunet / Virgile Jardin / Zo Vidal / Keziah Pell Beraud
Editor: Vincent Marchand / Johan Luce-Antoinette

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