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8 September 2021

Tweet disposition.

by Andrew MacGregor

RSPB: “Time Flies” - 60s

For many, a silver lining of the pandemic has been a new appreciation of nature. Now there are more bird feeders, bird baths, and nest boxes than you can shake a tail feather at. Yet, as this fetching RSPB film shows, humans have also been a menace to avian society.

Transport, construction, and urban growth turn once-straightforward flights into crapshoots, while Jim Broadbent's tactful VO warns of more uncertain journeys ahead. That's why the charity encourage bird lovers to leave a gift in their will and help turn the tide.

The message is supported by Aardman's painterly animation, which still finds spots of beauty amid the city fumes. This and memories of bordeom-busting birds during lockdown may just convince viewers to donate.

Voiceover: Jim Broadbent

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