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8 February 2021

Chicken Lemon Rice

by Syd Briscoe

Priya Ragu: “Chicken Lemon Rice” - 2 mins 33s

Tamil-Swiss musician Priya Ragu is an artist who truly refuses to be pigeonholed, defining her own unique mix of soul, hip-hop, and South Indian music as 'Raguwavy'. This colourful promo for 'Chicken Lemon Rice' provides an appealing gateway to the genre, as director Dumas Haddad embraces the singer's globally-inclusive approach.

Ragu and co. vibrantly stand out against often muted backdrops, adorned with outfits and accessories which transcend the boundaries of gender or national origin. With eye-catching nods to the artist's Sri Lankan heritage and a celebratory vibe, this promo is sure to bring new fans into the fold - and delight those already on board.

Commissioner: Dominic McKiernan
Film Production: Familia Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Dumas Haddad
Producer: Ryan Morgan / Natalie Steiner
Production Ass'nt: Emma Stevens Broyd
Executive Producer: Toby Walsham
Cinematographer: Courtney Bennett
Art Department: Jade Adeyemi

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