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4 December 2019

All Pain, No Gain

by Syd Briscoe

Peloton: “The Gift That Gives Back” - 30s

New Year's exercise pledges meet Black Mirror in this frankly weird commercial for electronic exercise bike Peloton. An already-slim woman receives the equipment for Christmas from her significant other, reacting with the kind of shock and apprehension we'd expect from it being none too lightly suggested we should shed a few pounds.

Of course, the internet has rightfully had a field day ripping into this particularly salient example of our crumbling capitalist dystopia. From the persistent vlogging and desperately put-together appearance of the woman in question to the clearly expensive house she finds herself sweating away in, it feels like all the worst parts of society dialled up to eleven.

While we can imagine a video montage might make a charming present for a loved one under other circumstances, one which relentlessly documents the use of a gift feels borderline abusive. What would the consequences be if said exercise bike had been relegated to the garage to gather dust come January? Who knows... and we're not sure this will net Peloton any customers to find out.

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