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18 November 2021

Mission Impossumble!

by Jason Stone

Optus: “Tis the season of Yes” - 60s

An intrepid sugar glider is the hero of this marvellous commercial for Optus – the Australian telecoms company. He is a possum on a mission (almost a Mission Impossible, at one point) as he embarks on a scouting mission in the house of his human neighbours. But what project has he embarked upon? And, more pertinently, what has inspired his determination?

All is revealed when the action rewinds to 8 December, some seventeen days before Christmas Day, a pivotal moment – as it turns out – in the life of this particular sugar glider.

Directorial pair The Bobbsey Twins deliver the mayhem with a perfect blend of humour and tension… funny as it is, you also become hugely invested as the little animal risks everything in pursuit of his mission.

There's a serious dimension to this commercial too, as it turns out that these are animals increasingly endangered by the growing scale of bushfires in their native habitat. Optus is aiming to raise awareness of the animals' plight via this Christmas commercial, as well as persuading punters to use its services – so it's a feelgood film in more ways than one.

Film Production: Finch
Director: The Bobbsey Twins Ⓟ Ⓦ (Arts & Sciences Ⓦ)
Music: Everything I Own

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