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6 January 2022

Toss a Coin

by Syd Briscoe

Netflix: “The Witches” - 90s

Even for a series so steeped in fantasy as 'The Witcher', one might expect real-world magic to be a suspension of disbelief too far for audiences. However, this excellent promotional film from Netflix combines divination with social media in intriguing fashion, as three Romanian witches attempt to answer questions predicting the content of the show.

It's a fascinating premise, and director Raya al Souliman makes sure to capture intricate details of the prediction processes - reading molten lead, tarot, and crystal ball - as well as the practitioners themselves.

Those who have seen season two of the Henry Cavill-led hit will be aware that not all the prophecies ring true, and that some are phrased in a way which would make it impossible for them not to be true. However, accuracy is rarely the point when it comes to fantasy.

Fans will be drawn in by the trappings rendered with such care here, as candlelight, glinting traditional headpieces, and heavy make-up all evoke the Witcher aesthetic. This film could easily have felt like a thrown-together social media tie-in, but instead it has an engrossing vibe which will cast viewers under its spell.

CCO: Cristiana Boccassini ♀
Associate CD: Corina Patraucean ♀
Creative: Ruxandra Dragan
Director: Raya al Souliman ♀
Cinematographer: Horatiu Sovaiala
Production Designer: Ștefan Constantinescu / Ana Țecu

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