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6 January 2022

Do look up.

by Jason Stone

Netflix: “Don't Look Up” - 2 mins 57s

It feels as though the whole world is talking about the Netflix movie 'Don't Look Up' so, arguably, it isn't really in need of promotion. But that hasn't stopped director Michael Krivicka (aka WhoIsTheBaldGuy) from creating this controversial online film publicising the global hit.

How you feel about it is going to depend very much on your approach to practical jokes, because the prank that fuels this promotion is pretty brutal. In line with the movie's theme that a huge comet is set on a collision course with Earth, some people being interviewed in a New York office are suddenly made aware of an incoming celestial projectile. It's an elaborate hoax and framed with sufficient authenticity to generate genuine panic.

Those fooled by it are a good deal more generous than DAVID would have been after the reveal... there might really have been some rocks flying about the place if any had been to hand if he'd been one of those taken in by this stunt.

Like the film itself, we suspect this promotion will divide the audience... but with a markedly less favourable ratio.

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