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18 July 2021

I Wanna Be Your Slave

by Syd Briscoe

Måneskin: “I Wanna Be Your Slave” - 3 mins 53s

The sleazy spirit of the 70s comes crashing into the 21st Century in this erotically-charged promo for Maneskin. The Italian Eurovision winners prove they're no flash in the pan with 'I Wanna Be Your Slave', which showcases their signature musical style as it blends rap, hard rock guitar, and funk-influenced beats.

The accompanying promo is a similarly fluid affair, directed with precocious verve by 26 year old up-and-coming director Simone Bozzelli. Using imagery which walks the line between suggestive and sexual, the band bend the boundaries of gender and sexuality as they don lingerie, writhe about in fetish gear, and raise a middle finger to conservative morals everywhere.

Though they may be out to titillate and outrage in equal measure, the group's actions post-Eurovision suggest that there's substance behind the style. Their outspoken support for the LGBT community (including a same-sex kiss broadcast on Polish television to protest the country's rising levels of homophobia) demonstrates that their aesthetic choices are deliberate: provocative of both the mind and body.

There's more complex imagery throughout the promo which gives weight to this mix of carnal and cerebral. One shot has guitarist Thomas Raggi posed as the Venus de Milo - gloves concealing his arms against a dark background. These blink-and-you'll-miss-them references to wider artistic artistic tradition may only be flashes, but they show that Maneskin (and Bozzelli) know exactly what they're doing.

While many artists submit to sanitising themselves in the name of success, this raw and intriguing promo suggests Maneskin have taken the opposite track. The group have chosen to heighten the sexual imagery and become even less 'family-friendly' upon being given a platform, and it's impossible not to admire their attitude.

Creative Director: Aurora Manni
Cinematographer: Gianluca Oliva
Art Department: Lavinia Masserini

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