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14 January 2022

Love Me More

by Syd Briscoe

Mitski: “Love Me More” - 3 mins 33s

Melancholy pop star Mitski is in a reflective mood on latest track 'Love Me More', which sees her plead for love to deliver her from the crushing grind of existence. "How do other people live/ I wonder how they keep it up/ When today is finally done/ There's another day to come".

The accompanying promo has an intriguingly retro vibe, fitting the song's synth-driven Eighties feel. A motorcycle crash leads to the singer in a full-body cast before things devolve into the truly surreal, with giant piano keys, puppets, and a cascade of flower petals demonstrating that director Christopher Good isn't afraid to dial things up to eleven.

One sequence in particular evokes A-Ha's classic video for 'Take On Me', as Mitski finds herself trapped in a white room bedecked with monochrome sketches of her in various poses. This is an absorbing watch which rewards attentive viewers, and will appeal to pop fans and film enthusiasts alike.

Director: Christopher Good
Producer: Andreina Byrne / Megan Mantia
Cinematographer: Jeremy Osbern
Editor: Christopher Good
Colourist: Clark Griffiths

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