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4 October 2021

Expecting the worst.

by Andrew MacGregor

Level Up: “Pregnancy in Prison” - 84s

The phrase 'level up' has long been associated with Boris Johnson's stop-start government, but this Guen Murroni film has another agenda entirely. Narrated by mums who gave birth during prison sentences, the piece highlights the stress endured by women who are unable to access nutritious food or appropriate examination rooms.

Level Up argue that "prison will never be a safe place to be pregnant", with recent tragedies in Cheshire and Surrey forcing the issue even further. Complemented by Murroni's quiet yet concerning film, the campaign prompts viewers to consider whether jail time for pregnant women is fair or a dire risk to multiple lives.

Film Production: Dark Energy Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Guen Murroni
Executive Producer: Matt Brown

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