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19 October 2021

Oedipus wrecks

by Jason Stone

Ladder: “So Good You Might Wish You Didn't Have It” - 30s

If you were among those who thought that the recent John Lewis insurance commercial set a bad example and over-claimed for the advertised service, get a load of this American ad for Ladder. In it, the protagonist's family are intent on murdering him for the life insurance… and they're not being subtle.

There is nothing funny about knife crime, of course, and recent events have reminded us of that in the starkest way possible. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to mine humour from this kind of scenario. It can be done and – to some extent – the laugh here is derived from your disbelief that they went there.

Arguably, the best bit is the disclaimer... watch it for yourself and see how well the joke lands.

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