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13 December 2019

Which election is the Labour Party trying to win?

by Jason Stone

Labour Party: “It's Time for Real Change” - 4 mins 40s

Which election is the Labour Party trying to win? Certainly not this one to judge by this hapless piece of communication. Our country faces the greatest challenge to its democracy since World War II, and the leading opposition party is putting out films so dull that you could reveal the whereabouts of Madeline McCann at the end of it, and the secret would remain intact because no one would ever get to it.

The problem for Labour is that Jeremy Corbyn and his acolytes are under the impression that they won the 2017 election. They didn't. They didn't get crushed in the way that everyone thought that they would, but that doesn't mean anything now.

The threat posed by Boris Johnson's complete disregard for the truth requires a robust and dynamic response. And this film is wildly short of what's required, and there is absolutely no chance of it converting a single wavering voter. Depressing.

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