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22 November 2021

See it, Say it

by Syd Briscoe

L'Enfant Bleu: “Prisoners” - 60s

Being a nosy neighbour isn't always a bad thing - at least, according to this poignant commercial for French child charity L'Enfant Bleu. After the country's first attempt to join the #MeToo movement turned out to be a bit of a damp squib, a second wave around child abuse (#MeTooInceste) proved a far more explosive reckoning.

Thus, this film encourages people to speak up if they have the slightest concern that something isn't right in a child's life. The action sees a neighbour notice a young boy standing in his window, and something about the child's solemn countenance strikes him as odd. He moves to help... but the urge to default to politeness and not making a scene stops him short.

The tension builds nicely over 60" here, with director Dario Fau drawing out each excruciating second of the neighbour's suspicion, action, and final failure to follow through at the sight of the child's father. It's thought-provoking stuff, and should give viewers an urgent reminder to ensure the children in their lives are safe from harm.

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