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2 December 2020

Helping hands.

by Syd Briscoe

Klarna: “Smooth Shopping” - 45s

With online orders set to spike before Christmas, this typically classy outing for e-payment firm Klarna draws attention to the brand's new app. Shopping becomes effortless with some seemingly spectral assistance, as disembodied hands tackle the manual labour of acquiring purchases, delivering rewards, and reducing prices at will.

Chic production design gives the campaign a slightly otherworldly feel, as consumers appear to inhabit a richly-coloured, sci-fi-esque shopping paradise. Whether they're making fashion-forward choices or perusing inflatable cacti, it's an aesthetically pleasing way to present users having their every need and whim attended to.

Cinematographer: Andreas Bj°rseth
Set Design: Niklas Hansen
Costume Design: Rebecca Palmer
Hair Design: Madeleine Gaterud
Casting: Emmi Grundstr÷m

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