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13 January 2022

Heaven and Hell

by Syd Briscoe

Kanye West: “Heaven and Hell” - 2 mins 38s

This atmospheric promo for Kanye West's 'Heaven and Hell' depicts a rapture of an unexpected kind. Hooded and masked figures move through a world cast in shadow, faces entirely covered regardless of age as they drift through the empty streets as though waiting for something.

West has made his faith a central feature of his work since 'Jesus Walks' hit the airwaves from his 2004 debut album, but this is the first time he's cast himself as a Christ-like figure. He appears only briefly, silhouetted against a background of holy light as a cyclone of souls begin their ascent into the great beyond.

The final images of a world in chaos are visually gripping, grabbing attention even as the track begins to degrade into digital distortion. This film acts as a compelling calling card for latest album 'Donda' and also functions as an ad for West's fashion line... people want to look good at the end of the world, after all.

Director: Arnaud Bresson / Chike Ozah / Coodie

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