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5 April 2021

Boy From Michigan

by Syd Briscoe

John Grant: “Boy From Michigan” - 4 mins 29s

Directing duo Ewan Jones Morris and Casey Raymond combine surreal animation with a roguish sense of humour in this vibrant promo for John Grant. Similar to 2018's 'He's Got His Motherís Hips', the film delivers a diverting watch as it sweeps through a dreamlike visual landscape - drifting through hand-drawn/digital animation and puppetry by turns.

The result is a veritable onslaught for the eyes, complementing the American artist's steady groove and transforming the song into a psychedelic event. Wholesome archive footage augmented with uncanny, cartoonish flares offers a particularly effective mix of narrative and aesthetic, as Grant intones: "They have different rules they're using / The American Dream can cause scarring and some nasty bruising".

Film Production: Friends Electric Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Ewan Jones Morris Ⓦ / Casey Raymond
Animation: Ewan Jones Morris / Casey Raymond / Jenny Jokela / Marcos Sanchez / Peter Raymond (Puppetry)

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