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11 November 2021

Orange revolution

by Jason Stone

Jameson: “Embrace the Orange” - 30s

Sorry, what now? An orange flavoured whiskey, you say? Wait till the Irish here about this… they'll be furious! What's that now? It's product made by one of Ireland's biggest whiskey distillers? And the ad was made by an Irish agency? Bloody hell… is nothing sacred any more?

In truth, it's been so long since DAVID imbibed whiskey of any flavour that he's not especially bothered by the heresy on show here, and, presumably, Jameson are doing what they have to do to attract younger drinkers to their whiskey. That said, this very much feels like an off-the-shelf depiction of youth culture.

Everything is turning orange as a young woman makes her way through the city to an understandably secret bar where they are serving the advertised product. Only then, does she reveal her own devotion to the colour/flavour. The film is cute in its own way, and it does the job of letting the audience know about this monstrous new variant, so... job done.

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