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14 November 2021

Punch up... not down

by Jason Stone

Inspired by Iceland: “Introducing the Icelandverse” - 2 mins 23s

If we were prepared to overlook the problems with this highly successful film promoting Iceland as a tourist destination, then it would receive a solid five stars. But, the manner in which it targets Mark Zuckerberg is deeply discomforting... don't get us wrong, the Facebook founder is a legitimate target for satire because of his appalling track record of bypassing ethical concerns in his pursuit of power and influence.

But this commercial does not concern itself with this... instead, it concentrates on Zuckerberg's apparent neurodiversity.

It's a cheap shot. Now, DAVID doesn't particularly care whether it hurts Zuckerberg's feelings... that's not the point. But it does concern us that the already difficult lives of neurodiverse children will be made worse by films which signal that it's okay to laugh at them.

The positive impact of so-called 'political correctness' is vastly underestimated because of all the complaints about it from sexists and racists, but we should celebrate the fact that it is now broadly considered unacceptable to punch down. Obviously, satirising Mark Zuckerberg could not be considered 'punching down', but mocking him for the way he moves and the way he speaks will only encourage bullying, and that's not something we should condone.

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