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11 January 2022

On the Beaten Track

by Syd Briscoe

Hyundai: “Surprisingly Safe” - 30s

A pair of brothers nearly cause an accident in this entertaining Hyundai commercial. The film highlights the safety features on the brand's latest model, which are designed to keep cars on the straight and narrow... whether they're occupied by screaming children or not.

The film-within-a-film is well observed here, as the pair watch a horror movie on a tablet in the back seat. While only moments of the slasher-style clip is shown, director Ed McCulloch clearly has affection for the genre as he captures the tell-tale aesthetic nicely.

A passing tractor and its strange driver only heighten tensions further, until an explosive climax leads to the pair losing their technology for the sanity of all involved. This will appeal to many parents watching who've had similar close calls due to their unruly offspring.

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