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21 February 2021

World of wonder.

by Syd Briscoe

Hyundai: “Little Angels” - 90s

Many parents have been unable to get away from their sprogs' relentless bickering during lockdown, so this fractious commercial from Hyundai should feel especially relatable right now. The film sees a pair of kids doing what siblings do best: arguing about everything and nothing all at once. At least, until an angelic calm transports the mundane scene somewhere different.

Director Michael Spiccia does a skilful job of balancing fantastical and everyday elements here, as the musical harmony which descends inside the car radiates out into the wider world. From a bus-riding chorus to a noble horseman galloping past in white, absurd humour creeps in over time and keeps viewers engaged throughout the film's 90" runtime. Impressive work from Spiccia and co. down under.

1st AD: Jeremy Fitzgerald
Cinematographer: Jeremy Rouse
Production Designer: Sheree Phillips
Editor: Mark Burnett Ⓦ (Whitehouse Post Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Casting: Allison Meadows
Music: Enya - Orinoco Flow

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