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23 November 2021

Put it all on Black

by Jason Stone

Google: “Black-Owned Businesses” - 3 mins 16s

This fantastic commercial for Google brings a whole new dimension to Black Friday. The American retail phenomenon is said to owe its name to the profitability of Christmas shopping which starts in earnest once Thanksgiving is over, theoretically moving stores' balance sheets from red to black in one fell swoop.

Given the heightened awareness of economic racial disparity in the United States, and the determination of Black communities to redress the balance by promoting their own businesses by developing an innate habit of always determining whether there's a Black-owned business to turn to in the first instance, it was an insightful leap by Google to repurpose the 'Black' of 'Black Friday' to emphasise the importance of this practice.

What's really beautiful about this film – directed by Anonymous Content's DAPS – is the way it presents these goals in such a positive fashion. This won't stop the 'all lives matter' naysayers from whining about the idea of favouring Black-owned businesses, but it's such a funny and joyous film that it should ensure that disquiet is limited to the bigots... and, let's face it, there's no pleasing them anyway.

Aided and abetted by fantastic production design, and wonderful styling, the performances of T-Pain – who also wrote the track – Normani, Desi Banks and Tanerélle set the screen alight with their charisma. The shopping channel bits add depth and humour, and the ad also continually draws attention to Google's initiative which makes it easier to find Black-owned businesses.

The importation of 'Black Friday' to the UK has never really made sense as we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, and DAVID has always felt compelled to reject it. But this version of Black Friday is an idea we can get behind, and the sooner we adopt it, the better.

Group CD: Kasia Canning
Film Production: Anonymous Content Ⓦ
Director: DAPS
Producer: Sara Lacombe
Cinematographer: Rob Witt
Production Designer: Cody Fusina
Colourist: Sofie Friis Borup @ Company 3 Ⓦ
Music: T-Pain

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