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21 October 2021

Boiler room antics

by Jason Stone

Glow-worm: “Boiler Design Department” - 30s

For Glow-worm's first UK ad in ten years, they've struck a decidedly discordant note... but we've a feeling they know what they're doing. It has the appearance of something that's been made to look as though it's a Germany ad which has been dubbed, but this looks to us as though is a ruse designed to amplify its quirky vibe.

It centres on a man in the research department setting out a list of aims for the chief engineer. These then serve as a summary of the advertised boiler's attributes... the sly dogs.

It's a really fun ad, and stands out a mile amidst the donkey sanctuary appeals and funeral plan commercials which dominate daytime TV... but the timing could be better. As Glasgow readies itself for COP26, and Boris Johnson's government tries to coat itself in a green veneer, there's bold talk about phasing out gas boilers because of their contribution to climate disruption from the UK government.

Luckily for Glow-worm, Johnson's crooked cabinet will be too busy monetising other crises to actually implement any meaningful measures, and the company will probably be able to continue selling their kit even as the Thames becomes the Home Counties Lake.

Voiceover: David Ajala

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