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24 November 2021

The domino effect.

by Jason Stone

Gallio: “New Goals” - 30s

This diverting commercial for Gallio puts forward the idea that cooking with the advertised turkey bacon is so easy that you'll need to find something new to challenge you in the kitchen. This is illustrated by an elaborate set up in a kitchen which has one thing leading to another before a slice of the advertised meat is sent flying into place in a sandwich.

The production design amplifies the quirkiness and the stunt itself is made to look funny rather than immensely difficult. This gives it the feel of a trick you might see improvised on TikTok rather than something more sophisticated, and that only adds to its charm.

Film Production: Irresistible Studios Ⓦ
Director: Menzkie Ⓦ
Producer: Márk Éry
Production M'ger: Berta Rozgonyi
1st AD: Levente Kölcsey
Cinematographer: Iván Vermes
Colourist: Ádám Vándor
Sound Designer: Balázs Pejkó

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