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17 March 2021

Market force majeure.

by Andrew MacGregor

Free Mobile: “Value” - 1 min 47s

This entertaining, tongue-in-cheek ad for French mobile network provider Free (no relation to Three) examines the tenuous relationship between price and quality. Beginning in the Stone Age, the film claims consumers have been hardwired to pay over the odds for centuries. Short of offering their services for, erm, free, the brand reckon they have a better deal in store.

Scored by Czech band The Silver Spoons and 'He's Got My Money Now', the ad brims with energy and strong visual gags. Well-observed parodies of role-playing games and overpaid footballers (an obvious dig at Paris Saint-Germain) raise a chuckle, while the network's disruptive outlook comes across loud and clear.

Film Production: Birth Production
Director: Martin Jalfen / Valentin Guiod
Producer: Thomas Aboulker
Production Ass'nt: Tara Pehaut
Executive Producer: Hugo Legrand Nathan
Cinematographer: Pau Castejón Úbeda Ⓦ (WPA Ⓟ Ⓦ)

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