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14 October 2021

XX LAB A Scream Into The Future

by Andrew MacGregor

François X: “XX LAB A Scream Into The Future” - 3 mins 30s

French beatmaker Francois X evokes dystopian sci-fi with his new track, 'XX Lab_A Scream into the Future'. A foreboding, synthesized soundscape recalls the likes of 'Blade Runner', 'A Clockwork Orange', and 'The Running Man', yet there is also a hopeful feel to the piece that pulses just beneath the surface like a resistance movement.

This is augmented by Anne Raffin's anime promo, which takes place in a totalitarian state overseen by drones. Any traces of defiance - like graffiti that says 'All drones are bastards' - are removed immediately, while subdermal implants track human contact. Doesn’t post-pandemic life look great?

Fortunately, even the most advanced regime can’t compete with human ingenuity and some banshee-esque superpowers. A cathartic counter-attack realised with epic verve.

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