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17 September 2020


by Andrew MacGregor

Fenne Lily: “Solipsism” - 3 mins 06s

This promo for Bristol singer and songwriter Fenne Lily brings new meaning to the phrase 'shopping trip'. Shot in what may well be some viewers' local convenience store, the film sees banana-lover Lily overdose on potassium and face some highly personalised advertising. Even staff and fellow shoppers aren't immune to this mind mischief.

Much of the promo's charm stems from the production design, as Lily's stylised face appears on cereal boxes, tinned tuna, and cheap plonk. Lily herself is inexpressive throughout, which suits her tentative lyrics ("All these people walk so slow/Do they know something I don't?") but does make her a cypher as the retail weirdness unfolds.

1st AD: Jack Green
Production Designer: James Helps
Art Department: Charlotte Buchan

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