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7 January 2022


by Syd Briscoe

Falling in Reverse: “Zombified” - 3 mins 57s

It's always slightly concerning when a media figure rails against 'cancel culture' in advance of actually being 'cancelled', and emo holdouts Falling in Reverse are the latest to pre-emptively defend themselves.

Ronnie Radke's enduring band of edgelords sing "Oh no they’ll never let go/ Of something you said 10 years ago/ They’re cancelling you/ And they won’t stop till everybody’s zombified"... which only makes us wonder what's buried on their Twitter accounts.

Still, the promo accompanying Zombified is a fun, shlocky ride through a dark city mid-zombie apocalypse. Visceral VFX work on the walking dead will please genre fans and appeal to those outside of horror nerd-dom alike, while the band get to live out their action hero fantasies by wielding multiple guns and mowing down monsters in a souped-up car.

Director Jensen Noen clearly had great fun here, taking a kitchen-sink approach with enjoyable results. Alien abductions, lightning strikes, and giant monsters all appear in the latter half of the video, proving that the film isn't taking itself too seriously... even if the band is.

Cinematographer: Justin Jones

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