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11 January 2022

Journey's beginning.

by Jason Stone

Emergency: “Everyone Deserves a Future” - 2 mins 10s

This beautifully-made film evocatively depicts the immensely difficult decisions taken by parents in war-torn parts of the world. And, owing to the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, and the messy evacuation which followed the withdrawal of US troops, no one watching this can imagine it's an exaggeration.

There's no such thing as an ordinary day in places like this, but you can tell that the little girl being taken by her mother through the dangerous streets is accustomed to what she's seeing. Neither does she seem particularly aware of what's about to happen, even when it's happening.

Director Igor Borghi makes us understand the momentousness of what we're witnessing through the interaction between the mother and her friend as the daughter climbs into the back of the car. This is a very uncertain goodbye, but the mother muffles her agony to spare here child's feelings.

A lot of people on this island see the refugee crisis wholly through the prism of their concerns about those arriving on our shores. This is hardly surprising when our media has abandoned the word 'refugee' in favour of 'migrant', and continually demonises the most desperate people in the world. But films like this offer a reminder of where these journeys start, and you'd have to have a heart of stone to be unaffected by the act of selfless sacrifice which it depicts.

Creative Director: Lavinia Francia ♀
Cinematographer: Giacomo Frittelli
Art Department: Fabienne Arzul
Stylist: Silvia Capra

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