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21 October 2020

Get ready for what exactly?

by Jason Stone

EU Transition: “1 January” - 30s

It's ironic that the propaganda juggernaut should continue to roll even as it appears that actual juggernauts are likely to be stalled in the giant Brexit car park (ne้ Kent) as the transition phase of the UK's painful departure from the EU comes to an end on January 1. That date is the only certainty at the moment... and, who knows, maybe that one certainty will become the next uncertainty before you've finished reading this.

It's very strange to watch this film and consider that a whole group of people from the Prime Minister to the lowliest member of the film crew who made it are willing to participate in a bizarre normalisation of the utter chaos which is unfolding. Businesses here are being urged to "get ready" for what's coming, even though the exact nature of what's coming is yet to be agreed. At the time of writing, there are forty-nine working days until the deadline which is mentioned eight times in this ad's thirty seconds. And yet, the UK government is currently refusing to negotiate with the EU, making the terms and conditions of Brexit completely uncertain.

The prettily filmed vignettes direct us towards a website where we can watch this commercial again before filling out a questionnaire about our personal and business circumstances. DAVID completed it and learned almost nothing, so, in reality, it isn't possible to get ready for anything.

One thing we did see though which might be of interest to those who helped to construct this curious piece of communication... apparently, after January 1, and we quote: "You might not be able to take film production equipment into or out of the EU." That'll be handy.

Creative Agency: MullenLowe Ⓟ Ⓦ
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Sound Designer: Ben Gulvin Ⓦ @ 750MPH Ⓟ Ⓦ

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