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13 January 2022

The needs of the few.

by Andrew MacGregor

Dying Light 2: “Cinematic Trailer” - 1 min 53s

Video game developer Techland learned even hardcore gamers have limits this week when it claimed Dying Light 2 would take "at least five hundred hours" to complete. Shocked fans were then assured it would only take between twenty and eighty hours to finish everything. The Polish studio aren't monsters, after all.

Now that players don't have to decide between a game and their job/relationship/pet, they can relax and enjoy this CG trailer for the upcoming action role-playing game with a zombie twist.

Director Tomek Suwalski runs with the game's 'Stay Human' subtitle, showing how one character's selfishness—even if it's to protect a child—means gruesome death for others. At least fans won't be wracked with guilt for five hundred hours.

Prod Company's Agent: Lemonade Reps Ⓟ Ⓦ
Art Department: Jakub Jabonski

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