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26 June 2020

Bravely Baffling

by Syd Briscoe

Diesel: “Spirit of the Brave Intense” - 30s

Fragrance ads as a genre have long consisted of little more than aesthetic guff and nonsense scripts, but this outing for Diesel takes the cake. Focused on Brazilian football star Neymar hanging out in some kind of shadowy void, it's difficult to understand the thought process behind any of the creative choices made here.

The script is a mishmash of buzzwords seemingly chosen for the vibe they create rather than with the intention of making sense. The ‘brave' are 'fearless', apparently, yet Neymar doesn't consider himself brave but 'intense', and encourages us to 'play with our fears... intensely'. Er, come again?

While it's difficult to imagine the top-flight player himself wears anything that comes out of a fist-shaped bottle, we can't help but feel his presence is wasted here. Why bother shelling out for celebrity spokespeople if you're going to feature them in something so utterly nondescript? Have the bloke kick a ball, at least.

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