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11 November 2021

Underground Lovers (ft. Mick Jenkins)

by Andrew MacGregor

C'mon Tigre: “Underground Lovers (ft. Mick Jenkins)” - 4 mins 30s

C'Mon Tigre's ‘Underground Lovers’ receives a carnal animated promo from directors Gianluigi Toccafondo and Marco Molinelli. Painterly visuals draw us into a hedonistic Tokyo where food, drink, and sex flow like brushstrokes. Knee-deep in the night are a couple whose bodies ebb and flow with erotic abandon.

This earthy aesthetic suits the track's metropolitan groove well, with a jazzy backbeat and a knowing, laconic vocal style that oozes with after-hours style.The tactile artistry - a blend of live-action and animation - almost dares viewers to reach out and grab what's on screen. Don't be surprised if you get a punch in the face, mind.

Director: Gianluigi Toccafondo / Marco Molinelli

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