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25 November 2021

Car Parts

by Syd Briscoe

Carsome: “Mr. Handsome” - 3 mins 42s

A bloke goes to pieces over a new car in this delightfully weird ad from Thai website Carsome... though perhaps not in a way audiences will anticipate. Usually DAVID would baulk at the prospect of an almost four-minute long car ad, but this film only gets better as time goes on.

While his wife is sceptical about the advertised site's claims of fixed prices, thorough inspections, and easy purchasing, a representative shows up to help hubs make his case. He won't need his eyes to spot flaws, mouth to negotiate fees, or even legs to go and pick the motor up, so he ditches them in deadpan fashion.

It's an amusing and eye-catching way to grab audience attention, as body parts are strewn across the floor with bloodless abandon. A final Thing-style hand romance seals the deal, reminding the guy who's the true boss of the household and offering a final laugh for viewers drawn into the narrative.

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