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12 October 2020

Everyday People

by Syd Briscoe

Canada Life: “Differences” - 60s

Canny visual effects and shrewd use of Sly & The Family Stone's 'Everyday People' make this polished film for Canada Life a treat for the eyes and ears. The insurers focus on their customers' uniqueness in this 60" commercial, which pans out from a morning cup of coffee to reveal a plethora of life's milestones.

It's a scene which would be easy to overcomplicate, but director Brent Foster's sharp eye for detail ensures that each vignette has enough room to breathe. Whether showing major life events like a wedding or such everyday pleasures as feeding pigeons, it's a well-observed tableau of the moments that bring many of us satisfaction.

Cinematographer: Eric Kaskens
Music: Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People

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