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13 January 2021

The right direction.

by Syd Briscoe

California Tobacco Control Program: “Tell Your Story” - 1 min 35s

Smoking cessation is often framed as a matter of pure willpower - an approach which can discourage those who 'fail' the test of personal strength when it comes to quitting for good. This delicately animated series for the California Tobacco Control Programme, however, takes a more diverse approach and reaches out to smokers with different stories to tell.

The visually arresting trio is brought together by director Robertino Zambrano, who ensures a consistently sympathetic tone of voice throughout. The need to smoke is triggered by time, location, or emotion respectively, but none is deemed to be a more 'acceptable' reason to succumb to temptation than any other.

It's a smart approach for the campaign, as past shock-and-awe or gross-out tactics may prove less effective to a population numbed by watching their loved ones die of a plague due to preventable government incompetence. Framing each attempt to quit as a step in the right direction rather than a failure encourages the audience to try again - small steps are still moving forwards, after all.

Film Production: Nexus Studios Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Robertino Zambrano Ⓟ Ⓦ
Production M'ger: Lucy Caetano
Production Ass'nt: Violeta Fellay
Executive Producer: Julia Parfitt
Editor: Hannah Lau-Walker
Animation: Emma Kelly / Laura Robinson / Bianca Toloi / Ivyy Chen / Myungeun Kim / Olga Makarchuk / Caitlin Young / Natasha Pollack / Sheetal Thankey / Martha Dziura / Marta Lemos / Angelica Fernandez / Sorrel Milne / Hannah Lau-Walker

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