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10 January 2022

Safe Havens

by Syd Briscoe

Booking.com: “Empty Rooms” - 3 mins 51s

This touching documentary draws attention to a new Belgian campaign around road safety. The initiative - a collaboration between Booking.com and charity Parents of Road Victims - sees the empty rooms of car accident victims listed alongside places for rent, highlighting the fact that some occupants will never return home again.

It's a timely message, as many are driving more often in poor winter conditions in an effort to avoid public transport and the associated Covid risks. This campaign asks drivers to be wary that they're not merely trading one potentially deadly journey for another.

Director Bart Callerts treats a grieving family with dignity and respect here, allowing them to discuss memories of their deceased son and brother while also emphasising the campaign's message. As Stan's father states - if sharing their pain can prevent just one accident, then it's worth it.

Producer: Arthur de Wachter
Cinematographer: Bram van Roy

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