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7 January 2022


by Andrew MacGregor

Black Country, New Road: “Concorde” - 6 mins 28s

You'd have to be one unfortunate alien to land on Earth right now, but desperate times call for desperate measures. One such extraterrestrial stars in this beguiling promo for Black Country, New Road's 'Concorde', which sees him captured and abused by local troops. We dread to think what our planet's Tripadvisor rating is.

It's easy to root for the maroon-skinned visitor with his flight jacket and classic antennae, while director Maxim Kelly even includes glimpses of the alien's home life. Such details provide the heart that is sorely missing on a paranoid, battle-scarred Earth.

Matched by a folksy soundscape and frontman Isaac Woods's bruised romanticism ("So don't tell me you're hungry/'Cause darling I'm starving myself/And I heard you're on Atkins as well"), the result is a low-key sci-fi treat. Soulless, CG-heavy blockbusters could learn something from it.

Cinematographer: Nick Cooke
Editor: Charlie Reddie @ Stitch Ⓟ Ⓦ

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