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5 July 2021

Dancing from the heart

by Syd Briscoe

Bellagio: “Joy” - 75s

The Bellagio casino pays tribute to old Hollywood in this winsome black-and-white commercial. Shot entirely in-camera by sibling directing duo The Coles, the piece stars South Korean actor Jongman Kim - who brings a touch of magic to the already surreal environment of the Las Vegas Strip.

Choreography and timing is key throughout the ad's 75" run, as Kim finds he can control the resort's iconic fountains by simply moving his body. A bombastic orchestral soundtrack causes audience spirits to soar alongside the jets of water, and Kim's ebullient performance means the film lives up to its title.

Less uplifting is Nevada's glut of new Covid-19 cases, which may undermine Sin City's bullish reopening. Still, this is a classy, liberating watch that appeals after a year spent mainly indoors.

Director: The Coles ♀
Cinematographer: Daniel Bombell
Production Designer: Tatiana van Sauter
Choreography: Julianne Waters
Casting: Esther Seznie

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